Courage in Action’s Mentor Circles is a collaborative relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee who is open to coaching and feedback.

It is a supportive process of discovery, goal setting, and learning new skills to move from adversity to possibility.

OUR VISION: To provide members of Courage in Action the opportunity to be supported as they learn new skills to move from adversity to possibility.

If you are in a place in your life where you are ready to set powerful new goals for your future then the Courage in Action Mentor Circle may be for you.

What is a Courage in Action mentor?  She is a trusted guide that can support mentees to reach their goals.  They create a safe space for learning, growth and encouragement.  They follow a plan designed to track progress and milestones for the mentee.

What is a Courage in Action circle?  It is a group of 3 – 5 women (mentees) who are committed to move forward with their goals and take the necessary actions to achieve them.  They will also be a source of encouragement and accountability for the other women in their circle.

What is a Courage in Action mentee?  It is a woman who has shown an interest in making positive changes in her life and is willing to take the necessary steps to make fulfill on the actions and goals they commit to.

The program will be using the SMART goal setting model.  This model has been supporting people to achieve their goals for decades.

What is the time commitment?  3 months (optional 1-1 for 9 additional months)

Who can apply?  Any member of Courage in Action

Spring cohort is closed. Dates for Fall program to be confirmed.

Feedback from graduating Mentees:

“When I started the program, I was feeling a little lost because I’ve been doing this for about a year by myself I hadn’t been seen results. I had people come into my store and I didn’t understand why they weren’t buying. I had done and bought programs but with these programs, there was not a lot a step by step where you were shown how to do.   I didn’t feel like I got as much from them as I had from this in the three months I was shown step-by-step how to find out who my client was. how to find out where my client would be online. Then once I figured out who my client was, I didn’t represent what my brand was or what my website look like, so I redesigned everything so that’s why people are coming to my side and not buying because I didn’t represent what I needed it to. Also, Dorothy taught me how to stop take a minute take a breathe, centre myself, calm myself and realign with what it is that I need. Like I’ve said in above comments, the fact that Dorothy reminded me why I was doing this like why I want to serve. These people want my purpose for doing this was where been financial freedom, been able to show my children how to be entrepreneurs that really give me a new motivation, because with everything else that I was trying to do on my own, I lost sight of why I was doing this in the first place. Dorothy is just so amazing.”
“This is a stellar program. Highly professional, insightful, tailored individually to each person. I cannot believe that there is no charge for this program. It is easily the best kept secret in Canada right now.”
“This program has given me more in 3 months then a course I paid $6,000 for.”
“I have gained confidence and ability from this experience. I have hope that I can live my life on my terms finally. Goals can be set and met not set and forgotten or never set at all. I am far more positive now.”
“It was great to get back into doing what brings me joy in life. I feel confident. Also, I had experienced breakthroughs with mindfulness, self love and recognize that I have it in me to achieve my goals”
“I took a course at Seneca after 17 years and I did so well in my academics, I became one of the lead students In class.  My fear of failing has been challenged and I have overcome that fear and I feel confident and proud of myself.”

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