Lead with Courage

By the end of this course, participants will develop foundational leadership skills to apply to their own lives and to pursue their individual goals. The course will explore how foundational leadership skills can be developed through exploring one’s personal values, communicating through storytelling, interpersonal skills, and regular self-reflection.

Module One – Know Thyself 

  1. Understand the importance of knowing yourself.
  2. Identify your personality type and understand how this can impact your daily life.
  3. Identify what are your key values and drivers.
  4. Understand how your self-awareness can help plan a vision for the future.

Module Two – Communication

  1. Understand what effective communication is and why communication should be an essential life skill.
  2. Understand why we should use the elements of storytelling for effective communication.
  3. Understand how to use our lived experiences to refine our storytelling.
  4. Practice storytelling using the concepts discussed in the session.

Module Three – Interpersonal Skills

  1. Understand what interpersonal skills are.
  2. Identify which interpersonal skills they possess.
  3. Identify Interpersonal Skills for Improvement and mechanisms to do so.

Module Four – Debrief and Reflections

  1.  Reflect on what aspects of leadership have resonated with them and why.
  2. Synthesize their learning to create an artifact that is representative of how they will apply learnings from this course in their lives.

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