Our programs are available for Courage in Action members only.  To apply, click here.  If you are already a member, click here to learn how to access our programs.

All About Me:  A Mini-Series on Mental Wellbeing, Choosing Your Attitude and Self Care: This mini-series of four two hour facilitated conversations is focused on your mental health and how to manage life’s difficulties, while finding time to care about and for yourself.  It’s about self compassion, self care and making yourself a priority, through three sessions that are – All About Me!

Becoming Your Best:  A Mini-Series on Making Lemonade from Life’s Lemons: This mini-series of four two hour facilitated conversations will help you to know your strengths (I am!), identify your resources (I have!), and optimize your abilities (I can!).    You’ll spend three sessions customizing a plan to identify actions that’ll work for you, with a workbook to guide you through documenting a personal plan to Becoming Your Best.

Job Search & Objectives:  A Mini-Series on Scoring a Position that Suits Your Needs: This mini-series of four two hour facilitated conversations is all about the information and skills to accelerate your job search.  Job Search & Objectives will help you identify your gifts and develop a plan for growing and achieving your own life and employment goals.

The Power Within:  This 12 week Self-Care, Self-Love program is designed to help women uncover who they are and what they want out of their lives.  Sometimes the journey of life brings struggle from low self-esteem, anxiety and lack of trust.  The first place we need to look is within.

Sisters Supporting Sisters: A monthly Zoom call where members meet to help each other stay strong and connected.  Our committee leaders and guests are ready to share insights and tips to support each other deal with the challenges of life.

Thrive: This 6-week online program helps participants learn the keys to last resilience. The program covers techniques to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, adversity, and challenges that occur in life.

Conferences (Virtual or In Person) Join us in celebrating the COURAGE of women who have chosen to move forward in their lives.

These women come from many different walks of life and have chosen to move beyond their circumstances. Our goal is to provide participants with new tools and motivation to continue to move forward in their lives.

Annual Bursary – What is Courage in Action bursary?  An amount of money that a student is given to help pay for continuing education. This money is a grant and is given after approval from the Bursary Committee.

Who is eligible to apply:  Any member of Courage in Action.

When available?  Bursaries are awarded once a year. (in the spring) and are paid directly to the school or institution.

MENTOR CIRCLE  – Courage in Action’s Mentor Circles is a collaborative relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee who is open to coaching and feedback. It is a supportive process of discovery, goal setting, and learning new skills to move from adversity to possibility.

What is the time commitment?  3 months (optional 1-1 for 9 additional months)

Who can apply?  Any member of Courage in Action