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Worklife Balance & Productivity

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is key to overall well-being. Work-life balance is a process of continuous evaluation and prioritizing. This session focuses on helping you identify areas of life that you would want to improve and looking at tools and strategies that can be used to gradually take your goals to a desired state.

Business Writing

The “Writing Business Reports and Proposals” program aims to simplify the art of effective business communication by emphasizing actionable strategies for crafting impactful reports and persuasive proposals. The course outcomes include mastering the structure of business reports, honing persuasive writing techniques, and gaining the confidence to present proposals that win contracts.

Set & Maintain Positive Habits

How many times have you set a goal for yourself with the very “best intentions” of achieving it, only to find that after a short period of time you are back doing the same things you have always done.  In this workshop we will explore the elements of habits that will teach how to design habits that work for you. Based on the book Atomic Habits by James Clear will explore the fundamentals of habit formation so you can accomplish more by focusing on less.


Self Compassion

This workshop will introduce the key concepts and practices of Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC). MSC is a science-backed meditation practice that supports and protects mental health. Research shows self-compassion is strongly associated with emotional wellbeing. During this workshop, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in some of the foundational practices and exercises of mindful self-compassion.

Sisters Supporting Sisters

A monthly Zoom call where members meet to help each other stay strong and connected.  Our committee leaders and guests are ready to share insights and tips to support each other deal with the challenges of life.

Our guests come from a variety of backgrounds, are experts in their fields and volunteer to share with us tools and techniques to help us all continue to move forward.


This 6-week online program helps participants learn the keys to last resilience. The program covers techniques to prepare for, recover from and adapt to stress, adversity, and challenges that occur in life.

This course is designed to help you understand where you are now and where to focus to become more resilient in the weeks and months ahead.

Financial Programs

Part One: Basic Financial Literacy Program

This one-hour session on Financial Literacy outlines the basic concepts Canadians of all ages and incomes need to understand to be financially literate.

Part Two: New Approach to Budgeting

This one-hour session will teach you why a fresh approach to budgeting is an essential step to realizing your financial goals and dreams.

Lead with Courage

In this four week course, participants will develop foundational leadership skills and explore how these skills can be developed through exploring one’s personal values, communicating through storytelling, interpersonal skills, and regular self-reflection. Each module is one hour.

Module 1: Know Thyself
Module 2: Communication
Module 3: Interpersonal Skills
Module 4: Debrief and Reflections

Specialty Programs

In our Specialty Programs we offer a variety of various short one session programs.  Many of these programs are based on popular books (i.e.  Four Agreements, Six Pillars of Self-Esteem) and other important topics.

Others programs include: Mindfulness and Meditation, Diet & Food Choices, Art of Journaling.


Educational Events (Virtual or In Person)

Join us in celebrating the COURAGE of women who have chosen to move forward in their lives.

These women come from many different walks of life and have chosen to move beyond their circumstances. Our goal is to provide participants with new tools and motivation to continue to move forward in their lives.

Annual Bursary

What is Courage in Action bursary?  An amount of money that a student is given to help pay for continuing education. This money is a grant and is given after approval from the Bursary Committee.

Who is eligible to apply:  Any member of Courage in Action.

When available?  Bursaries are awarded once a year. (in the spring) and are paid directly to the school or institution.

Mentor Circle 

Courage in Action’s Mentor Circles is a collaborative relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee who is open to coaching and feedback. It is a supportive process of discovery, goal setting, and learning new skills to move from adversity to possibility.

What is the time commitment?  3 months (optional 1-1 for 9 additional months)

Who can apply?  Any member of Courage in Action