Where do the women come from?

The women come from several sources including but not limited to a variety of agencies recognized for helping and supporting women.  Additionally, participants come to us through referrals from previous attendees, committee and board members.

Is transportation provided?

We are currently unable to provide transportation so it is incumbent upon the individual to arrange a ride or use available public transit.

Is there any cost once the 100 free spaces are filled?

There is no enrollment fee or cost of any kind to attend.  The retreat is 100% free.

Is there any day care provided?

There is no day care provided.  We believe this is an important “me” day for attendees to take time for themselves.

Can I leave early or come late?

To ensure the least amount of disruption if possible please adhere to the start and end times as provided.  We recognize that on occasion this may not be possible.  If you are expecting to arrive late please inform the volunteer co-ordinator when registering of your anticipated time of arrival.  In the case of leaving early please advise the registration desk upon arriving of your early departure time.

Will there be food for those with dietary restrictions?

In addition to a wide variety of breakfast, snacks and lunch options we offer vegetarian and gluten free foods.  If you are limited to a specific diet outside of these options or suffer from severe allergies, we highly recommend you bring your own food which can be refrigerated if needed.

Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

As much as possible we look for venues that are wheelchair accessible.  Please check with you local chapter to verify accommodation.

Can I take pictures?

We take privacy very seriously, before taking any pictures (personal or otherwise) please ensure no other participants are within the frame unless you have asked and been given express consent to include them.

Can I post on Social Media?

NEVER post the retreat details on social media.  If you are part of any of the Courage in Action Facebook groups you can post there, but nowhere else please!

Will we be getting a lot of sales follow up after the retreat to buy products or services?

Please be reassured that all of our Presenters are professionals freely giving of their time and have agreed not to solicit, sell or follow-up. If you are interested in further contact with any of them please arrange individually.

Can I invite my friends and family?

We often get requests from attendees to extend an invitation to friends and family.  In cases such as this please contact your regional chair to discuss the woman’s circumstances and they will be decided on an individual basis.

What if I don’t have an email address?

All of our communication is done by email so it would be best to have one.  There are free email programs (i.e. Hotmail, Gmail) that can be set up.  In extenuating circumstances contact the regional chair to make special arrangements.

What is the retreat about?

Courage in Action is a one day conference with presentations, workshops and activities presented by professional women, many who come from similar backgrounds and have moved beyond their situation, in other words they “walk the talk”.

The retreat is free and operated by volunteers with the aid of very generous sponsors.  It’s a full day filled with passionate speakers, interactive activities and includes healthy choices for breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the day.

Our goal is to provide our participants with the tools, motivation and hope that uplifts and inspires them to create new or different outcomes.

Are there other events throughout the year?

We offer many other programs. The website has been designed as a resource to support our members.  We will also be posting blogs etc. throughout the year.

Other questions?

If there is a question that has not been answered here, please contact your regional chair and they will be able to help you.