Who are we?

Courage In Action is a registered charity which is fully funded through corporate and individual donations.

Why Donate?

Our conferences and programs help women to realize first and foremost they are not alone and that strife and hardship can be a powerful motivator to tap into the strength and courage to change their circumstances.  Many of the presenters and volunteers are walking examples of this very principal.

All donations will be used to fund conferences, programs, bursaries, books or projects.  The board will allocate donations to the national area as required.

How are the donations allocated?

In addition to inspirational presentations and workshop activities our ladies receive a healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks throughout the conference as well as a care package which include personal hygiene and beauty products as well as motivational books.

We also invite participants to apply for an annual bursary to assist them with training or retraining.

The conferences are run strictly by volunteers, there are no paid employees, presenters or staff of any kind.

Other Ways to Donate

If you or your organization would like to contribute directly to the food or products used for the conference please contact Cindy Stradling Executive Director at info@courageinaction.org

Thank you for your generous support.