Courage in Action is a national charity providing mentoring, education and bursaries for women so they can build courageous lives. Our support helps our members live free from violence, poverty and trauma and create a sustainable path forward.

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Our events and programs are free to members of Courage in Action. Our volunteers operate our programs, which are funded and supported by very generous sponsors.

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Events & Announcements

Courage in Action 2023 Fundraiser

We did it!  We surpassed our fundraising goal of $15,000.00 for our 5K Virtual Walk Thank you to our walkers and all the sponsors who helped us raise $16,037.19. These funds will help us award more bursaries and support our 2024 retreat. Donations are still being accepted until October 31, 2023 You can continue donate […]

Podcast Interview with Jasmine & Deborah – Mentor Circle program

E59: Courage in Action Mentor Circle Podcast Courage in Action is proud to offer our members several life-nurturing programs, one of which is our Mentor Circle. This program builds a collaborative relationship between a Mentor and a Mentee through a supportive process of discovery, goal setting, and learning. Listen as Mentor, Deborah Fillippe, and her […]

Monthly Sisters Supporting Sisters Zoom Calls

The Courage in Action sisters invite you to participate in a Zoom call created to provide learning and support for each other. It is a monthly Zoom call where we can meet to help each other stay strong and connected. Our committee leaders and guests are ready to share insights and tips to support each […]