Courage in Action is a national charity providing mentoring, education and bursaries for women so they can build courageous lives. Our support helps our members live free from violence, poverty and trauma and create a sustainable path forward.

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Our events and programs are free to members of Courage in Action. Our volunteers operate our programs, which are funded and supported by very generous sponsors.

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Podcast Interview with Anastasia Kravtsova

E61 – Redefining Beauty During this episode we discuss what it means to be beautiful on the inside and out. Listen as Anastasia Kravtsova, expert hair stylist and business owner, talks to us about the power of  inner work, self confidence and belief in yourself when it comes to feeling beautiful. Listen Here:     […]

Courageous Futures In-Person Event

Courageous Futures Celebrating women and their life transforming journeys. On April 20, 2024, we are bringing together the members of Courage in Action for an all day in-person day of celebration.  Our women come from all walks of life we celebrate their uniqueness and resilience with the theme of “Courageous Futures”. Our in-person events and […]

🌟 Get Ready to Win Big! 🌟 Join Our First Online Raffle!

🤝 Join the Fun, Support the Cause: Your participation helps Courage in Action continue to support our members making every ticket a step towards positive change! We are ready to try something new with our fundraising efforts this year. In addition to our annual 5K virtual walk we are excited to share that we are […]